Bring it on down to Cajunville!

Bring it on down to the Ragin Cajun!! There is still time to boogie on down. We will be starting all of the festivities around 7:30ish! Oh yeah, and ask Freddy for some of the house special sauce!! Please remember to take care of your servers 🙂


3 days left

3 Days Left till the Ragin gig! There is still time to make plans to get there (even if you have to hire the babysitter again!!) It’ll be worth it!!


Just a thought ….. Mason has not yet taken the plunge into any kind of Swag or Merch. What would you “buy” or want to represent? Obvious choices are stickers … T-shirts …. Photos of Wendy ( :-p )! What about the not so obvious, like shot glasses …. Tube socks … Boxers …. etc. If you would, could you leave a comment with your suggestions? Not promising anything but definitely exploring the possibilities. Thanks again!


Good rehearsals full of creative ideas … This gig should be a blast!

New tunes

We’ve been hidden away for a while now working in the shed on some new tunes. Come get a preview of them April 14th at the Ragin Cajun! (Just east of Hayden on McDowell)! See you there!