Hot sauce

If you missed the Joe’s Grotto show, come to the Ragin Cajun July 28th! Great hot sauce!


Hey guys, we’re looking to you to help us out with our online presence! So pass on those photos and videos that you might have from the shows this year, and help us spread like a fungus; I mean, virus….. or was it peanut butter? Mmmm, peanut butter. (I digress)
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Thanks to all that made tonight special! –What’s not special is the grand slam I just had, and the morning after that I will have :-/ Goodnight everybody.

Pics from Joe’s

joes6   joes5   joes4   joes3   joes2   joes1

The door

Be sure to mention that you are here to see Mason at the door. It’s how they keep score here @ Joe’s!