All right kiddies…

Time for the next big show! Saturday, June 16th, at Joe’s Grotto. Get there early ’cause the place will be packed! Joe’s always has great sound, great lighting, and of course, great drink specials all night — Who knows, we may have some new goodies of our own for you guys too!?! You’ll have to come see ;]

Post-post gig news

Ok, so some post (way post) gig news. We had a blast at the Cajun. Thanks to everyone that came out! We’re sorting through the family vacations, and schedules and what not to do it again. Our drummer dug it so much he nearly ended his career with some nerve damage issues in his arm (send him some love and light when you can)! We’ll be back with more of a presence in a few weeks. ‘Till then, get the kiddies through school, take care of the ‘rents and love loudly.

Sendoff for Dick

I can think of no better MC for God’s (Allah, Buddah, etc,etc, etc) bandstand than Mr. Clark. What a contribution and legacy you gave American music. May you shoulders finally rest from hoisting so many giants. May your body rest in peace and your soul keep rocking!

A huge thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone that came down to the Ragin Cajun! We’ll have to do it again soon. The night was a great success & gave us the excuse to get back on the bandstand!! keep checking back to see our next exploits.

Ok, Ladies and Gents …..

Tonight’s the night to get yourselves out to the Ragin Cajun in Scottsdale. Expect some good times to start any time after 7. So grab your friends and help us dust off a shot glass or two!!